Monday, June 12, 2017

Climate Control

We all share in the belief that we want our school to be a place we enjoy going to each day. We want this belief to be true for everyone including students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members.  This happy place ensures we have happy students. Happy students are more likely to be successful in maximizing their potential.

All schools believe in quality continuous improvement.  Think about what area we spend more time improving. It is most likely programs or research based strategies for academic success, but do we give the same attention to climate control?

We all believe we are already doing our best, because that is all we know. We all believe that we can do better, but how do we learn new ways to improve climate in our building?

We have a moral duty to share globally what we do that can make a difference in climate, especially if it is effective. I have discovered amazing people sharing their great ideas on Twitter and the purpose of this blog is to put those discoveries in one place. My goal is to update this blog with each new idea shared that can benefit climate control in a building.

I will not take the credit for these ideas. They all have come from my Twitter PLN which is another reason to convince everyone in the district to get on board.



Courtesy of Tweet by @gerrybrooksprin used in a great way by Principal @gerrybrooksprin in Lexington, KY. He brings a smile to out faces with his humorous videos on topics we can all relate to. Some topics include how principals use their time at school on snow days. How educators need to take in different perspectives to improve the way they exercise. How we can successfully get rid of those bears.

He also posts a joke on a board once a week that we look forward to seeing.

#CelebrateMonday and #TrendthePositive

Courtesy of Tweet by @Buncee
...founded by Sean Gaillard (@smgaillard), has done wonders at getting educators to stop dreading Sundays, but rather look forward to Mondays instead. Throughout Sunday and Monday you will find @Buncee "posters" on Twitter with positive quotes and joyful comments and events happening at school.


...can be used with all stakeholders. It was developed by Renee White @RaRaPenguin as a way to celebrate each other. Catch someone doing something  awesome and let them know. Share this awesomeness with others to inspire more positive outcomes.
Courtesy of Tweet by @RaRaPenguin


...written by @BethHouf  and @ShelleyBurgess. This book offers many ideas on this topic of how we can control the climate in our buildings. One of my favorites is to Drop an Anchor of Appreciation Notes.


Greet Them Daily. 

@JimmyCasas is one of many passionate educators that will remind us that we need to greet students every day as they enter your classroom or the building. You will find Jimmy greeting his audience as they enter any of his keynote talks, which makes a big difference how attentive they are when he starts to talk.

High Five Fridays.

@BethHouf 's staff forms a tunnel of fists as students enter the building on Fridays or special days. They turned the high fives to fist bumps after the flu season arrived at their school. There are other schools that have surprise guests greet the students at the door that can be someone from the community, not just someone in the building.

Boogie Box.

Michael Bostwick (@M_Bostwick) has a moving Boogie Box in his building that also changes themes throughout the year. When a student sees this box they step inside to do their favorite sports hero pose, the dab, a dance move, a high five, or any theme you choose.


TurnKey Thursday 

...introduced by the district of @TonySinanis. The idea is found in this article.  Students prepare a lesson to take home on Thursday to include the parents on what they learned.  Not only are they communicating with parents what their child is learning, but the student is enhancing their understanding by teaching.

Positive Phone Calls

... are done by educators today. We need to be consistent and purposeful. Superintendent @Joesanfelippofc from Wisconsin introduced 100 calls on the 100th day. He, as the superintendent, makes those phone calls. What a great way to model positivity.

Spark Curiosity

... using social media to spark a conversation at home on an upcoming unit or event at school. This idea came to me during a chat one day as I try to find ways to connect parents to their child's learning. Students record or hold up a sign with a question that will be discussed at home to get them engaged or excited to learn about the next topic.

Open Your Door

...and let parents take a look at what happens in your classroom. We need to use social media to let the parents see what happens in the classroom. If we don't tell our story, they will. @Joesanfelippofc states the importance of sharing our story. Many parents that call in with complaints discover that they are not informed in the whole story.

Courtesy of a Tweet by @Joesanfelippofc

District Spirit explained by @Joesanfelippofc,  makes the community proud to be part of the schools in their district. He sells #gocrickets. He will tweet out a challenge to the community to receive free spirit wear.  The challenge could be to find the superintendent at a school event. It could also be earned be answering a trivia question correctly. He reminds us that we no longer post things on our refrigerator, but on Facebook and what better way to spread the positive things at our school.

In the end, the one those who benefit the most in any and all of these climate control tools are the students.

Please post any tools you may be able to add in the comments below or add ideas to this collaborative google doc.

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