Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Litmus Test, The Golden Rule and Buy In

The Golden Rule. Can this be used as our Litmus Test to determine if what we are doing is right for all students? We need to take a step beyond this commonly accepted test. We need to look at the experiences we provide for students and question if it matches what we find successful for ourselves.

Let's use this Litmus Test of the Golden Rule to check if the experiences we offer students lead to their eagerness to come to school everyday? How do we change the mindset of having to go to school to looking forward to it?

What makes me look forward to joining a chat on many Saturday mornings? It isn't just one chat on Saturdays that I enjoy. It is #satchat, #satchatwc and #leadupchat. During the week it is #Learnlap, #tlap, #sldunktank, #LoyfulLeaders, #WGEDD and eager for #IMMOOC. Using the Golden Rule, what makes me excited about these chats and how can I provide the same things for my students? (Please note that there are no grades involved with this learning and growing.)

  • We seek out those that inspire.
  • We are encouraged to inspire in return.
  • We want to find a tribe that shares our passions.
  • We join chats because the topics are authentic and have meanings to our lives.
  • We grow the best when we are able to hear or see examples from others.
  • We grow when we have an authentic audience that provides some type of feedback.
  • We have to admit we love when we are welcomed into a chat.
  • We feel great when we are acknowledged. Some of us Tweet and never gain a response. We are present, but no-one notices we are there. Doesn't it make a difference when someone welcomes us by name or just takes the time to acknowledge a tweet with the heart.
  • We join the chats because it gives us a purpose to reflect and refine new meanings.
  • We are all welcomed, no matter the position and state because it is the belief that we all can contribute something valuable and learn.
  • We don't mind jumping into a chat late because we are eagerly welcomed because we know we are better together. 
  • We all respond because we know that there are no wrong answers.
  • We enjoy celebrating amazing statements or experiences shared by others. (Thank goodness for memes to show our excitement.)

Are we providing these experiences for our students?

This Litmus Test of using the Golden Rule can be applied to find the right Climate, Culture and Curriculum for all students.

My thoughts can only improve with feedback and input from others, but the following is a start.

The As of Climate. 

Collaboratively we need to creative a climate and foundation of CARE.
The As of climate pertains to all stakeholders of students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, community, and global partners.

Acknowledge. Greet everyone daily.
Appreciate. Recognize those that inspire great things.
Applaud. Celebrate successes together. (Does everyone love memes to celebrate or is it just me.)

The Bs of Culture. 

The culture is a continual JOURNEY.

Build on our best. We believe we can always be and do better.
Build on learning. We can always learn more through challenges.
Build connections. We believe that we are all welcome and better together.

The Cs of Curriculum. 

Curriculum should be more about development of skills through content of themes in a global setting. No explanation is needed for these six Cs of "21st century" skills. (We need to come up with a new title for these skills before the century escapes us.)

Critical Thinker.

Created by @vrzemaitis via GoogleSlides
Challenges to these thoughts are welcome, amendments appreciated and collaboration to improve invited.


  1. Val: I love the positive post and collaborative voice! Great writing and a cool ABC and litmus metaphor.

  2. I enjoyed your post Valerie!!! Thanks for the #LearnLAP mention!!! :)