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A New Year's Goal in #ONEWORD2017: PROACTIVE

One Word.

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I may have missed the whole conversation, but have been inspired by a few posts following the hashtag of #JoyfulLeaders on Twitter. This blog is being written because of one post in particular from @BethanyHill found to the right.

My family has traditionally taken time on New Year's Eve to choose our one word of the year. A word to reflect and grow on. A word that will help us improve on a weakness from the previous year. We frame these words and as we see them in passing are reminded how we would like to grow in the current year. Words in the past have been: perseverance, persistence, positive, frugal, and servile.

When I saw the post from Bethany I discovered a new way to choose my one word for the new year after reflecting on my power, purpose and passion. This will be something I will incorporate today; New Year's Eve with my family and something to include my students in when we return after Winter Break.

After much reflection over the days since I have seen this post and written many words; the word that stands out is: PROACTIVE.

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Being proactive:

  • takes action; not complacency. 
  • requires problem solving; not dwelling on problems. 
  • needs voice; not compliance. 
  • needs a leader; not a bystander. 
  • is successful if acted on collaboratively; not alone on an island. 
  • moves on strengths, passions, and purpose; not dictations. 
  • is guided by an ultimate goal; not reactions to daily problems.
  • must involve risk-taking; not passivity. 
  • takes an unfamiliar path; not routine. 
  • must be deliberate; not accidental. 
  • requires consistent action; not waiting until action is required.  
  • In the end, being proactive will leave a lasting impact
  • In the end, the proactive person and those around those actions are changed.

Take the case of Indiana Jones and Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. They continually move toward a goal even when hit with conflicts along the way. They do not forget their purpose. In the end they are changed along with those around them. Other superheroes only react when needed such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and even Luke Skywalker.  Although people love all of these characters, those that are proactive are changed in the end.

I choose to be PROACTIVE for positive outcomes for my students in the year 2017.

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