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Stop Working on a Flat Tire: Use Personal Passion and Enthusiasm


Dave Burgess stands out from other educational authors and keynote speakers for what is needed in an effective classroom. In his book, Teach Like A Pirate: Increase student engagement, boost your creativity, and transform your life as an educator, he will ask the question, he will ask; "Do you want to be great?"

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CONTENT. We believe you are passionate about your content area, but don't assume the rest of us are. Shelton, on the Big Bang Theory, loves to tell others about his wisdom of Physics and his passion for it is apparent. His audience does not always find it easy to follow or interesting nor do they necessarily learn from his long discourse. 

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TECHNIQUE: We are part of many Professional Development (Let's start calling it Professional Learning) experiences where we are told about research proven best practices to implement in the classroom for effective learning. This does not mean it will work for all, especially those low in motivation, lack of buy in on the purpose, or ineffective implementation. We can assume that we can use social media, but it is clear that not all of us use it effectively.

Dave Burgess argues that placed before content and technique in important for learning is in your PRESENTATION. He is a strong voice on Twitter PLNs and I can't believe I have just now read his book.

Top 5 6 Takeaways (PIRATE):

1.  P  assion:  Dave does not want you to leave your audience responding with "Is That All?" (Insert vision of Meg Ryan's scene in When Harry meets Sally mentioned a few times in his book.) It is not our passion for content or professional goals, but the personal passions with life changing lessons that have the bigger impact for learning.

2.  I  mmersion:  We need to be involved in the learning process with students, not a guide on the side or the sage on stage. We learn more from the coach that plays with us or a swim instructor in the water rather than standing on the side.

3.  R  apport:  Enough cannot be said about the foundation to any learning experience which is being in a "safe, fun stage set for learning". Imagine the effectiveness and production of a professional development experience if we were in a room full of people whom we can trust, feel safe, who are caring, and have shared values.

4. A  sk & Analyze: One of my favorite parts of Dave's book is when he talks about "Creative Alchemy". It only makes sense to ask the right questions to take you to the vision you want to occur. Being creative in asking focused questions will wake up your RAS (a tease to get you to read the book).   Imagine where the answer to this question could take you: "What could I write on my board for this lesson that would spark a conversation or create a buzz even before the bell rings?" If leading your next Professional Development meeting ask yourself, "How can I get my teachers leaving talking about how they are going to implement this learning technique in their classrooms?"

5.  T  ransformation:  Dave talks about positioning yourself and reframing. "To succeed in business, you must position yourself in the marketplace so you are the clear choice amongst all alternatives and against the alternative of doing nothing at all." Today's students have many more things that excite them over being in your room. Dave stressed that it isn't just about gaining their attention, but also the art of not losing it that is important.

6.  E  nthusiasm:  Dave's suggested "cornerstone" for being the "single most powerful tool to influence effectiveness in your classroom is enthusiasm. "Spread the virus... by lighting yourself on fire with enthusiasm, you can become a beacon of bliss amidst a bastion of boredom and banality." Setting the right hook to your lesson can make the difference you are looking to obtain. Dave has hook tips galore in his book.

There are too many great quotes in this book. It only makes sense that @TaraMartinEDU lit on fire with her #BookSnaps with this book.

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Moving Forward:

After 27 years of teaching I have the passion for my content and tool box filled with strategies for successful outcomes. Dave awakened my need to grow on sharing our personal passions and enthusiasm in the classroom. I will be working on asking the right questions; the most creative questions to generate enthusiasm and positive outcomes. I will step outside my status quo and get uncomfortable (in small steps). I will follow #tlap to get ideas from that PLN. I need to "stop working so hard on a flat tire... and... find my personal drum and play it the best I can."

Thanks for your inspiring book, Dave!

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