Friday, October 14, 2016

Reflecting on #IMMOOC Week 2

George Course defines "INNOVATION" as something that creates not only something NEW, but BETTER for the sake of students.

We have been teaching for just more than a quarter of a century, so I have definitely seen innovation.  I have gone from the mimeograph using dittos to posting documents via a classroom management system and now around to say no "worksheets" at all.

We moved from depending on the skill of rote learning in order to pass items on tests  to developing skills to be successful in college and careers.

I no longer carry a book bag as I have no textbook and can provide feedback to students via multiple programs they can submit their learning.

Segregated classes based on skill level have been integrated so all students can benefit from each other in an even playing field.

We now have students working collaboratively rather than independently; that there are programs available, such as Peardeck, and classroom management systems, such as Google Classroom where we can have all students participating and engaged. From these methods we can see immediate feedback on what the students know and can do.

I especially love that teachers are the "guides on the sides" providing learning experiences that encourage students to be curious, have choice, and create their own knowledge rather than the lecture and note taking of before.

These are not just new innovative methods in education, but methods that are better for our students and what I see as easier for us.

Moving forward:

As a result of ready Couros's IM, I am eager to continue to be a RISK TAKER to discover innovative ways of learning WITH the students. This year already we have NETWORKED out globally to include other people in our curious discoveries. We have CREATED work using new programs that we were afraid to try before because I know longer have to be the one that is the expert. The students can discover and learn WITH me as they are RESILIENT in and able to handle roadblocks along the way.

.... Together, we will not be afraid to try something NEW as it may be that something that makes learning BETTER for us.

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