Saturday, October 22, 2016

Leave a Mark; Kids Deserve It!

Cruella DeVil, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Sue Sylvester. These names might be familiar. Are these the people that make us excited to go to work or school? Are these the people that will guide me to be the best I can be?

Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome are passionate in their book, Kids Deserve It: Pursuing Boundaries and Challenging Conventional Thinking. Through their educational leadership, they have discovered tips on what makes experiences successful for kids.

Top 5 Takeaways

1.  The foundation to successful outcomes is in positive RELATIONSHIPS. It is the key of showing care and building TRUST.
2.  Boats are meant to move. All leaders must remain on deck and steer with a clear VISION and be sure to EMPOWER others along the way.
4.  Students are the SEEDS that need our CARE in order to grow.
5.  The most reflective question I am left with is: "How am I going to leave my mark?" The biggest impact I can have is if I truly gave an authentic experience that is attached to their EMOTIONS and where they can make a DIFFERENCE in the world.

My reflection about successful innovation.

My Actions:
  • Creating a caring environment where students are motivated and are curious to arrive each day not knowing what to expect.
  • Staying networked and a life long learner in order to catch new things that can be a motivating factor for kids success.
  • Continually build on relationships, because steering a ship might be easy, but if the crew hates their captain, it may not arrive to its intended destination. 
My takeaways SketchNotes from Kid's Deserve It!

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