Friday, October 14, 2016


"Less Is More". We can relate to this statement in our everyday lives. I have amazing kitchen tools in my junk drawer, however there are so many tools they became hidden or are hard to find. I eventually forget to use them or that I have them. The first time I read George Couros's Innovator's Mindset, I was fixated on "Less is More" in regards to foundations of innovation.  Rather than reflect on how this factor could help strengthen the experiences I could provide my students, I was reminded of the alphabet soup we have going on at school. These are the many tools our district leaders found to be beneficial to the success of our students.

Rather than reflect on how I can strengthen this necessary foundation for innovation, I was reminded how I was quickly diving into the state of "confusion and burnout". Couros reminds us that we can cautiously reflect on how many tools we take on because we can become "knowledgeable in all and masters in none" (loc 2252). 

On my second read of IM, the foundation element of "Embracing An Open Culture" meant more since I became a participating member of the #IMMOOC PLN. I have grown so much and have moved forward from the place I was last month because of it. (Even though I think I am so far behind so many of the talented #IMMOOC participants.)
"Be the classroom in which you want to participate." 
Collaborating with another teacher is valuable, but collaboration with a MOOC has been megatransforming. Couros quotes Chris Anderson in describing what I am experiencing as "Crown Accelerated Innovation". Couros adds that "competitive collaboration in an open environment can accelerate innovation." (loc 2408).

My students have already used elements I discovered through this IMMOOC PLN.  I wish I kept track of which participants have inspired me with each new discovery so I could extend my gratitude and give them due credit.

  • Improving my blog to be interesting, unique and inspiring to others. (A work in progress!)
  • Creating MEMES with Google Draw and Canva
  • Reflecting and summarizing with a video using RECAP
  • Gathering several video segments of students into an iMovie or Storify
  • Creating a 6 Word Summary
  • Receiving formative assessment using PollEverywhere
  • Having the moral responsibility to share work with others
  • Filling out a grant to gain a collaborative interactive program where I can collaborate with other teachers and gain necessary data to drive my "learning plans"
  • ... and I can't for get to go back to "Less is More" and go on an "innovation diet" with Jay Bolduc.

Not being afraid to try one new thing....

As Couros reminds us... in the end... the biggest winners.... are the STUDENTS.

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