Monday, September 12, 2016

Kick Start to Digital Citizenship Week in Indiana

Why:  Today's reflection is in correlation to the start of the IDOE's Digital Citizenship Week #INDigCitWeek.

What:  This early school year I participated in the IDOE E-learning Book Club led by Michelle Green (@ , the e-Learning Development Specialist. We read Susan M. Bearden's Digital Citizenship: A Community Based Approach and responded to reflective questions, as well as participants' comments.

Defined:  Bearden has a simple definition of digital citizenship as "norms of appropriate, responsible behavior in regard to technology". One of my very own students defines it as something "simple. Just take out digital and it is everything we learned about being a good citizen. We need to follow the laws, respect other's property, and contribute to society".

Top 5 Take Aways:

1.  Be continually aware that digital citizenship involves Internet safety, cyberbullying, information literacy, fair use and copy right practice, digital footprint, and relationships through communication.

2.  The best approach is one that is systematically done.  Start with being educated first. Educate staff and faculty. Educate students. Educate parents.

3.  Gaining a digital citizenship culture requires all stakeholders being involved.  Start by building a team, develop a vision, plan a SMART goal, communicate the goal, train teachers, and execute the plan.

4.  Continual reflection and refinement is needed for quality growth and improvement.

5.  Getting the number of parents involved will be greater if students are involved in the curriculum development and presentation.  One idea may be to require a family lesson as a requirement to the signing of the AUP or Responsible Use Policy.

My Actions:

My immediate goals are to have continual conversations with students about digital citizenship and integrate lessons within content lessons.

Be aware that I am the "Brand Ambassador" of the school and myself when posting on social media.

Learn and model fair use and copy right policies and make this practice noticeable to students.
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Below are my sketch notes summarizing the reading and discussions from the e-Learning book club.

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