Saturday, September 17, 2016

Becoming "More Dog" with Inspiration and Collaboration: M1 #IMMOOC

I am ready. We are ready.

We are ready to develop our mindsets in order to do the same for my students to maximize their potential skills.

We will "BE MORE DOG" and develop our ADVENTUROUS mindset as we take new risks.

In George Couros's "Introduction" of The Innovator's Mindset, he states that one thing is certain; students need INSPIRATION. They need inspiration in developing the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

(Video Reflection to be posted later; the challenge of the week.)

I was INSPIRED after reading Couros's book the first time. However, leading up to this #IMMOOC experience has led me to be inspired by so many others. Reading their Twitter posts and blogs have inspired me in many ways. Some blog posts have been so well written that it seems as if they wrote, not just for their own reflection and growth, but for the benefit of us all.  Some blog posts have led me to be more reflective, such as asking the question if feeling "stuck" is necessarily a bad thing.

Thank you, Shawn Berry Clark, for the inspiration to
become more visual as I reflect.
This inspiration confirmed what Dave Burgess stated in #IMMOOC Meeting 1 that we have a moral obligation to share our innovative experiences. We are all doing this because we all believe it is best for the kids. This type of inspiration was confirmed by Katie Martin when she shared how we can be more successful in transformation when we SHOW how we want to be more innovative rather than TALK about what we want to do. This #IMMOOC is going to SHOW us the way to growing our  "Innovative Mindset" in order for us to do the same for our students.


I have taken some small steps this year.

I know I was successful when... a parent sent me a message inquiring what "page" her son could use to copy the definitions to terms. He was using various sites on the internet and he wouldn't define it "the right way". She did not ask her son what skill I taught them in how to form their own definitions.

I know I was successful when... providing an amazing experience to help students meet the objective of forming questions that would lead to vibrant answers. The students developed questions to learn more about a former student of mine; a writer for Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. They shared these questions on Poll Everywhere and chose which one would provide them with the most amazing answer from him. They recorded these questions and put them together on iMovie. This writer has agreed to visually answer them. The students are excited about what results will transpire from their inquiries.

The world is in our hands. It is up to us on finding the approach to using it in the most effective way. It doesn't mean to "add layers", as Katie shared. It is about finding a new way of doing something we already do: it's about being innovative inside the box. as George would say.

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  1. That's a fantastic activity you crated for your students! Love it!