Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another First

Try to remember the first time of any endeavor. Your first day at a new job. Your first time flying. Your first time traveling to another country. Your first time driving. Your first Tweet. All of these had something in common. They were all risks you had the courage to take. You most likely were inspired from someone to attempt the endeavor. These firsts of many were probably accompanied with feelings of excitement and reservations. You knew these firsts were going to lead to great and rewarding experiences.

This is another one of my firsts as a teacher and learner. I have been influenced by many educators through venues such as conversations with colleagues, conferences, blogs, books, and Twitter. These inspiring educators and leaders have helped transform the outcomes found in my classroom.  

Today, I begin the transformation that can occur through blogging. I choose the title, "Echoes of Innovation", to describe how I will reflect on what I learn from others that can help me improve for the sake of positive outcomes for myself and others.

I look forward to looking back on this first post, this first risk which is accompanied with excitement and reservation, and seeing the rewards that have occurred throughout this journey. 

I thank all of those that have influenced me to take this first step and to those in which I will be echoing their ideas of innovation.

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